Can I buy Viagra online in Canada?

Today it is possible to buy Canadian Viagra online at one of the drugstores. The pharmacies are very numerous, and the bigger challenge is to find a good one. Once you made up your mind about this, your share of blue love pills is a few clicks away from you.

Online pharmacies do not differ from those you have in your neighbourhood. They are also licensed and they sell quality drugs, given that you do not go for a cheap bait flung by downright scammers. Therefore thousands of customers prefer to buy Viagra online in Canada from trusted online drugstores such as Canadian Pharmacy Online.


After your order is processed, confirmed and dispatched to you it is a matter of three weeks in general before you receive your order. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra can also be shipped internationally, in which case the shipping time also depends on your location.

Is it safe to buy Viagra online?

A trustworthy online drugstore with an international name is about as safe as a Switzerland bank. Canadian pharmacy is one of such internationally recognized drugstores. The information you share with such a pharmacy is never shared with any third party, and the checkout page is protected from malefactors.

As for the quality of the drugs, it simply cannot be anything else but authentic. It is supervised by FDA and as such is pledged for by the international board of doctors and pharmacists. Once the drugstore is licensed for the sale of drugs online, it is liable under the law for the quality of its goods. You can be certain in the quality of the medicines you buy from such a drugstore.

Do I need a prescription to buy Viagra Canada online?

When you buy Canadian Viagra online prescription is not required. It is important though that you pay a visit to your doctor and make sure that you can take Viagra without any adverse consequences for your health.

Mind that Viagra cannot be taken by certain groups of patients. So if your general health condition is compromised by cardio-vascular disease, heart disease, kidney or liver insufficiency, certain eye problems, penis deformity and some others, unfortunately, you cannot take Viagra. The list of physiological contraindications is not exhausted by the above, so you must consult your GP before you buy Canadian Viagra online.

When you place an order for Viagra Canada 100mg or any other sildenafil medicine you are not asked to email a scanned copy of your prescription. The entire process takes a few minutes from choosing point to checking out.

What if I am not happy with the quality of Viagra?

In the majority of patients Viagra works best after 6 or 7 takings. By this time your body adapts to sildenafil effects and is “trained” to direct the blood flow into the penile area, which contributes to hard stable erections achieved easily every time you are sexually stimulated. You also might need to have your initial dose adjusted if sildenafil Canada does not produced the desired effect after multiple intakes, but this is a subject for your prescriber’s revision.